About us

Your sanctuary,
our reward

The first thing you need to know about US is that YOU are the most important person in the room. You making the time celebrate yourself... your spoil.

Having done this for almost 30 years, and keeping up with trends and styles, know that you are in sincere and honest hands. From reception to treatment, everything is about making a difference.

Another World,
a space to let go

From the moment you step foot here, you are in another sensory world. From our colourful porch with its heritage facade, to unique candle scents, plenty of natural light and whimsical greens; This space was designed to make you feel welcome. Every nook and cranny has meaning. It is our mission to make the clock stop, just for little bit. This offers you a homey feel, with experienced specialists within a sophisticated space. So...

Sit back, lie down and let it go. You are treasured here.

Our family of experts

Institute Aesthetic is divided into two sections: Hair and Wellness. Dawid Kriel, an accredited Redken stylist, steers the hair domain with a team of five stylists. Marna Holwill leads the wellness side with a team of four specialists. Our team has been hand picked, nurtured and trained to perfection. From the cleaner to management, we all play a crucial role in giving you the ultimate beauty hideout.